About me

VinceMy history with tattoo is a history of nomadism.

My young man's life, from 17 to 32 years, I have spent a hand full of years roaming the world as a nomad that I had become. The tattoo came to me so evident, giving me the freedom of movement and the richness of human encounters. From Tents of nomadic Bedouin villages, roaming in every places, from islands to islands, from town to town, from Europe to middle East, this journey, traveling and tattooing was rich artistically and humanly.

Tattooing in this time had no financial values, but essentially human, do barter, exchange of any kind, when money was not a goal but a reward

On my return to France, I began to discover the professional side of the tattoo, meeting with real artists, great technicians,from then i had to learn, and work hard to make my way through.

After 17 years of return in France, opened several shops, 4 children later, I finally left to make myself a place in the sun, where I opened my new shop in Cyclades island of Greece

Back in France after 4 years in the Islands of Greece, I created a Tattoo school in the Valence area (Drôme)

I am also an Entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast with a passion for living a lifestyle around the world

I feel extremely blessed for the life that I live today, and i refuse to settle for anything less than an extraordinary life.